Meet the penguin who doesn't want to swim

While penguins can't fly, they are amazing swimmers who can gracefully glide through the water. Or most of them are, but not Morgan… he's scared of swimming.

Staff at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch say they've never known anything quite like the white-flippered penguin who was taken in three weeks ago.

Around 16-year-old Morgan was discovered skinny and lost at Banks Peninsula and quickly taken in where he was given a good feed and attentive care.

But all is still not right with little Morgan, staff say he refuses to swim and will use his beak and flippers to quickly haul himself out of water if placed in it. Not only that but he also keeps flipping his water bowl upside down and standing on it.

Next month the feathered critter is due to join the main penguin encounter where it's hoped he will mate with Parnia, a single female white-flippered penguin… if she doesn't think he's too odd.



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