Cyclops baby dies after one day

A baby born with just one eye in the center of his forehead and no nose was born in India last week and survived only one day, reports AOL News.

The infant boy was born to 34-year-old Veena Chavan via cesarean section. Doctors and mom were surprised by the baby’s appearance.

“The child must have possibly suffered from cyclopia,” Dr. Ashok Anand, professor of gynecology at the hospital reportedly told reporters.

Chavan had previously been informed that her baby was possibly hydrocephalic, meaning water was accumulating on his brain.

“This was my third pregnancy. I lost my previous child while I was carrying. I was told that the baby had water in the brain but never had I expected the baby to be born with one eye and no nose,” she told reporters.

According to AOL News, the form of cyclopia that affected baby Chavan occurs in approximately one in 250 embryos. These fetuses are typically lost in early pregnancy making it rare that it’s seen in a newborn. Cyclopia makes it so the eyes and noce don’t form properly.

This isn’t the first case of cyclopia that has been seen in India. In 2006, another cyclopic baby was born; the girl survived and was taken home with parents. No additional news has been generated providing information regarding her survival, reports AOL News.

Cyclopia has also been seen in other countries, including a premature girl who was delivered in Russia in 2005. The Russian baby died almost immediately after being delivered.



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