Woman lives in tiny 90 square ft NY apartment

It's a good job Felice Cohen doesn't suffer from claustrophobia, because she lives in what could well be the smallest apartment in the world.

The tiny 12 feet by 7 feet New York home measures under 90 sq ft and is so small that Cohen has to sit sideways to fit on the loo and sleeps inches from her ceiling.

While there's no kitchen and the writer admits she had to discard many of her belongings before moving in, Cohen says her 'microstudio' is ideal for her her style of living.

She says the cramped conditions are worth it because she gets to live in New York's Upper West Side for just $700 a month while her neighbours pay $3,000… admittedly they don't have a panic attack every time they go to bed.

Cohen added that when she moved into the apartment - which is just one block away from Central Park - she had to make a number of alterations to make the space 'livable'.

She started off by installing a desk with plenty of storage around it and replaced wardrobe doors with a more space efficient curtain.

Because storage is at a premium, when she is not using her toaster oven to cook, she stores her fruit in there and she owns just two plates, one knife, fork and spoon.



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