Roccat Isku Gaming Keyboard with Roccat Talk

Roccat, a manufacturer of PC accessories, has just presented Roccat Isku keyboard with back-lit keys, has been designed to meet the needs of gamers and their meeting is due to the macro, set of dedicated buttons and 6 levels of brightness for the buttons.

The keys to the macro are 36 and are positioned so as to be easily achieved. Each set can be configured in a different profile, so you have up to 180 predefined functions in the 5 profiles that can be saved. To never lose a second in addition, there are 1000 Hz and ensure no lag in input. Mouse and keyboard also communicate with each other so as to activate a feature that is on the mouse buttons on the keyboard.

To simplify the process of recording your macro, finally, there is a dedicated button Micro Live! Recording that triggers a process driven (by sound) for recording macros. Roccat Isku will be available from April to € 79.99.



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