Wild animal admires its own reflection in woodland lake

They are known for being aggressive predators, willing to attack and kill humans.

But as this picture shows, brown bears are also ever so slightly vain.

This young bear was caught out gazing at its own reflection in a Finnish lake

These pictures show the brown bear repeatedly stooping to stare at himself, unaware that photographer Sylwia Domaradska is hiding just yards away.

She captured the pictures in Kainuu, eastern Finland, where there is almost 24-hour daylight during the summer months.

The 37-year-old from London said: 'It totally felt like a dream. It was almost difficult to see where the reflections were starting.

'The bear turned up at around midnight. He came very quietly along the water's edge looking for food.

'It was a fairly young bear, perhaps two or three years old. He was very cautious as at this age he'd need to be careful about females with cubs, and older males.

'He seemed to look at his own reflection - as he stayed in the same place for a while.'

Miss Domaradska said when the bear began moving around the edge of the lake he continued looking in.

'It really was quite amusing to see - and then he was gone,' she said.

'The conditions were absolutely perfect for this kind of image.

'The reflections were perfectly still and the line between the reflections and actual trees being reflected created very little blur.

'I had actually gone out with the intention of taking a different image. I was hoping to see bears bathing and splashing in the water but instead, this happened.

'But it didn't turn out too bad, did it?'

Source : dailymail


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