The sweet moment a kangaroo sniffs out the four-year-old imposter in a onesie

 This curious kangaroo knew something wasn't quite right with the new addition to the herd, so skipped over for a closer look at the mother's pouch.

Perhaps it was the trainers or the long plait sticking out of the head of the costume that gave the game away.

Underneath the marsupial onesie, the Tasmanian Forester kangaroo sniffed out four-year-old Olivia Rayner and her toy joey.

The sweet moment was captured by Olivia's mother Jen at the Zoodoo wildlife park in Tasmania, Australia, as the family celebrated Australia Day this year.

Ms Rayner, a professional photographer. said: 'The kangaroo was extremely curious and perhaps confused.

'We thought it was very cute to watch.'

The park's kangaroos are tame, so it was safe for Olivia to come face-to-face with the marsupial.

Ms Rayner added: 'Olivia was just as fascinated by the kangaroo as the kangaroo was with her.

'We were also amazed by how tame the kangaroos were at this particular wildlife park.

'We would never consider going up to a kangaroo of that size in the wild, however these particular kangaroos had been hand raised since birth and visitors were encouraged to go in to hand-feed them.'

Source : dailymail


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