Rare albino seal shunned by her mother for being 'too ugly' nursed back to health at rescue centre

Two months ago, Junior was shunned by her mother and was on the brink of death, weighing just 40lbs and starved of company or affection.

Now, the albino seal pup is thriving and enjoying drawing in the crowds at Mablethorpe Seal sanctuary in Linconshire.

The nine-month-old pup has blood-red eyes and a milky white coat. It is believed her looks are the reason she was abandoned by her mother and became an outcast.

She was discovered by sanctuary owner Dennis Drew near Sutton-on Sea beach in March.

Mr Drew said: 'Because they look so remarkably different, albinos do tend to get rejected, and can find it a real struggle to survive on their own.

'Junior was almost certainly abandoned by her mother because she was considered ugly.

'We decided to take her in. All we do is put her on a crate and then place her in the back of the van.

'We had to wrap her in a towel and be very careful because these seals can bite from time-to-time.

'I am just grateful we found her because she is so happy here playing with the other pups.'

Zoological Society of London marine conservationist Dr. Stephen Mowat said: 'Albino harbour seals are an extremely rare sight.

'It is likely this individual was abandoned by its mother as its fur colour differs from the usual grey spotted appearance of harbour seal pups, which also have black eyes.

'Due to their lack of pigmentation, albino seals may face additional challenges in the wild, such as vision problems and sensitivity to sunlight, making them more susceptible to predation.'

Just two months after arriving at the centre, Junior now weighs a healthy 80lbs and could be released back into the wild by the end of the year.

Dennis said: 'If it is possible, we always release them back into the wild where they can fend for themselves.

'Once this one's put a bit of weight on she will be fine out there.

'They do a travel about a bit, so I doubt she will stay here. It would be great to see her down the beach in future though.'

Source : dailymail


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