Owl's bizarre stroll as it walks around looking for food

These bizarre images show a group of owls marching through a Lancashire farm in search of dinner for their newly-born young.

The birds, who had just hatched owlets, strutted while they hunted for food.

The scene was captured by photographer Austin Thomas, who said he had to stay camouflaged and stop himself from laughing so he wouldn't disturb the birds.

He said: 'They are both fascinating and amusing at the same time.

'They have such personalities and facial expressions it was incredibly difficult not to laugh at times as the action was genuinely funny.

'They give no warning and move erratically in random directions when they decide to move. That is difficult for me to predict and also difficult for the camera electronics to keep the owls in focus.

'It actually reminded me of the nursery rhyme 'The Grand Old Duke of York' because of their movement.

 'These owls are definitely at the top my of favourite things to take pictures of - I never get bored of watching them.'

Source : dailymail


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