Girl who survived cancer can now rotate leg 180 degrees

A young cancer survivor has wowed friends, family and now the internet with a quirky talent she recently revealed in the hopes of winning a contest on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Jen O'Shea, can rotate her right leg a full 180 degrees with no pain or effort at all so that her foot is facing the ceiling.

Ms O'Shea's amazing and bizarre flexibility is the result of an operation following the treatment of a rare form of bone cancer.

After being diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, she underwent a right internal hempipelvectomy in 2011 in which surgeons removed the entire right side of her pelvis without replacing it.

The brave patient has endured months of physiotherapy to learn how to walk again but only realised she could twist her leg last year and was shy about showing her friends.

Now, she confesses on her YouTube channel, she is showing everyone.

In a video posted on May 13th, Ms O'Shea explains: 'Only for you Ellen would I show everyone just how weird I really am.'

Responding to the more than 200,000 views so far, she added in her comments: 'It's been a lot of fun! Who doesn't love to make others laugh .... and freak them out a little at first.'

The video shows Ms O'Shea rotating her leg in front of different audiences - friends, relatives and total strangers - to see their responses.

Almost all people reel in shock at the sight of her leg contorting but Ms O'Shea is clearly enjoying every minute of it. The video is just one in a series of inspiring shorts showing her path to recovery following chemotherapy and surgery.

Chat show star Ellen Degeneres recently announced the winner of her funny hidden talent contest earlier this month.

Finalists included a girl who cuts apples open with her head, one who skips rope sitting down and a woman who holds coins in her neck.

The skip-rope candidate won the competition and picked up a generous prize of $10,000.

It is not clear whether the Ellen Show will be hosting the competition again and whether Ms O'Shea's application may have been too late.

Source : dailymail



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