Dita Von Teese wears unusual cutaway gown

Known for her unique style it's rare for this icon to set a foot wrong.

However, tonight at the Duftstars Awards, Dita Von Teese appeared to have lost her fashion footing.

The 39-year-old showed up to the red carpet in an usual brown number which at best showed off her slender figure and quirky style, yet at worst failed to do her any justice.

The top half of the one shoulder dress was made up of several complex knots which joined together to make some very elegant swirls that revealed parts of Dita's flesh.

Including her navel, rib sides, waist and part of her left breast; the dress was completed with a long flowing floor length skirt. Wary about her dress choice, the flawless beauty tweeted, 'Hmmmm...Wearing quite a risqué @JPGaultier gown tonight to the perfume awards in Berlin. This might require a merkin.'

She teamed the dress with a pair of long black leather gloves which contrasted with the style of dress, and wore her tightly curled hair down, finishing off her look with trademark scarlet lipstick.

Giving her followers on Twitter a first look at the dress, she uploaded a picture to her WhoSay account showing off the detailed Jean Paul Gaultier gown.

The caption on the picture simply read, 'The dress...'

Whilst on the red carpet, the burlesque dancer was left unamused by the photographer's request for her to show some more skin in her already over-exposed gown.

She tweeted, 'Some photographer still had the audacity to tell me to "show some leg".'

On a more serious note, the dark-haired beauty paid her respects to Beastie Boys' rapper Adam Yauch who passed away this morning following a long battle with cancer.

Her tweet read, 'Sad to hear of the passing of Adam from The Beastie Boys, they're prominent on my "gettin' ready for a show" playlist. Rest in peace.'

Source : dailymail


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