Top 10 gadgets which confuse men and women

Men are baffled by washing machines while women can't get their heads around iPhones, research has discovered.

A study of 2,000 adults found while most blokes can comfortably 'drive' a string of household electrical gadgets a few of them regularly prove to be a step too far.

A quarter of men admitted they had no idea how to use their washing machine and a similar amount were clueless when it came to using the grill or oven.

Women on the other hand were more likely to struggle with turning off their kids games console and getting their smartphone or mp3 player to work.

So while men struggle to get to grips with household gadgets while women are more baffled by high-tech toys like a laptop, printer or Sky+.


1. Oven
2. Grill
3. Tumble dryer
4. Washing machine
5. Dishwasher
6. Microwave
7. Hob
8. Iron
9. Food mixer
10. Hoover


1. Laptop
2. PC
3. iPhone
4. Blackberry
5. iPad
6. Mobile Phone
7. MP3
8. Sat Nav
9. Games Console
10. Digital Camera

A spokesperson for Amica Kitchen Appliances, which commissioned the poll of 2,00 people, said: "Women have no problem navigating their way around appliances in the kitchen but men seem to be far more interested in hand held gadgetry and as a result master new technology with excitement and ease."

It also emerged that men are normally too proud to ask their partner for help and instead are more prone to hit something or break something.

Women on the other hand are happier to leave it to their partner to master the more complicated household gadgets or just give up entirely.


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