Six-year-old Croatian has magnetic powers

In many respects, Ivan Stoiljkovic is much like any other six-year-old boy in his city.

He enjoys kicking a ball around in the garden of the home he shares with his family and is learning to play the accordion as a hobby.

But there are some areas of his magnetic personality where Ivan differs greatly - namely his ability to stick metal objects to his body.

There are also claims from his family in Koprivnica, in Northern Croatia, of unusual levels of strength and even healing powers.

But one thing is for certain - when Ivan takes off his shirt, he is able to stick metallic objects such as spoons, mobile phones and even frying pans to his body.


In total, his family says, he can carry up to 25kg of metal stuck to his torso.

In the video below, his grandmother Dragica adds metal objects of various sizes to his torso, including a huge metal frying pan.

'I have no problem to hold metal objects, but eventually I get tired,' said Ivan.

But that isn't the end to Ivan's unusual talents.

According to his family, Ivan has also used his 'healing' hands to alleviate stomach pains for his grandfather Ivo and is credited with soothing the pain of a neighbour who hurt his leg in a tractor accident.

Ivo said that when his grandson laid his hands on his stomach, they became extremely hot and the pain simply went away.


'When something hurts us, we ask Ivan to put his hands on the sore and the pain disappears in a flash,' said Dragica.

If that wasn't enough, it is also claimed Ivan is much stronger than other children his age and is able to easily carry bags of cement as heavy as 50lb.

His abilities echo the character Magneto, as featured in the X-Men comics and films, a mutant who has the ability to manipulate metals.

Magneto was played by Sir Ian McKellen in the X-men trilogy of films, and will be played by Michael Fassbender in the upcoming prequel X-Men: First Class.


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