Chinese bride attempts suicide after fiance dumps her (PHOTOS)

A Chinese girl, whose fiance decided to dump her on their wedding day, attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the 7th story window ledge in Changchun City, Ji'lin Province.

However, Guo Zhongfan a local community officer spotted her and managed to rescue her on time.

The incident took place on May 17.

The girl, known only by her last name Li, is 22 years of age. She fell in love with her boyfriend more than 4 years ago. Recently, they had decided to get married but on the day of their wedding, he changed his mind and told her that he would be dumping her.

Heartbroken, Li slashed her wrist and then attempted to jump off the window ledge. Eye witnesses said Li was swaying her head like a drunk person and was whispering something inaudibly to herself before she tried to jump.

Those who rescued her said she was weeping uncontrollably.

No information could be obtained about her boyfriend or his whereabouts.

Here are the photos of Li trying to commit suicide:


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