80% of women flirt to get shopping discount

Eight out of ten women have flirted to get a discount in a store, it has been revealed.

A study of 3,000 shoppers discovered 80% of women have tried tossing their hair, holding eye contact and giggling while haggling over price, to get a good deal.

And more than half of the women who were polled said they'd even managed to get things completely free of charge because they flirted.

One in ten women were found to have flirted in the last month in a bid to get a few quid shaved off the price of goods - while men offer to pay in cash for a cheaper deal.

It was found that women who flirt in stores can save and average of £150 a year… and that's before you consider the free drinks they get bought.
Alex Attinger from promocodes.co.uk, which commissioned the study, said: "Everyone likes a bargain and this research shows that women are willing to do almost anything to get a few pounds off.

"A bit of flirting won't do anyone any harm and there is a real buzz when you get a good discount on something.

"It's understandable that people try every trick in the book to save themselves money. Especially in the current economic climate."



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