House Slide: A home with slides instead of stairs

Going up and down stairs can be such a bore… which is why team of Japanese architects have created a house with slides instead of stairs.

Level architects say they were given the brief of designing a family home which would give the children memories which would last forever.

So after thinking about the challenge they decided to build an element of play into parts of the house which would otherwise just be there to perform a function, the stairs.

The result is a three-storey family home in Nakameguro, Tokyo, which has stairs on one side and slides on the other. What's next… a ball pool in the bathroom?

A spokesperson for Level architects, said they didn't want the slides to be there only for the children to play on, but for the adults to use as part of their everyday routines.

"When this house was visited one month after completion, the slides were part of the everyday routine. The way the family use it has already exceeded our expectations."



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