5 Youngest Moms in the History

Linda Medina was the youngest girl ever to give birth. She was just 5 years, 7 months, and 21 days when her 2.7 kg (6.0 lb) son Gerardo was born. Linda got attendance of her parents when they noticed abnormal increase of her belly; she was thought to have had a tumor but when Linda was taken to hospital, there they get to know about her pregnancy. The mystery remains unsolved about the father of Gerardo. Both mother and son died at the age of 40 and 76 respectively.

(age 8, Lima)
The father of Gerardo was never discovered, but this girl was raped by two of her own cousins. She got pregnant and gave birth to a baby weighing 2 kg (4.4 lb) by cesarean section at a hospital in December 2006.

(age 9, Hilda Trujillo)
Hilda Trujillo was third youngest mother to give birth at the age of nine. In November Hilda entered the Maternity Hospital as the patient of Obstetrician Rolando Colareta, underwent examination by a team of 16 obstetricians, gland specialists, radiologists, psychiatrists and general practitioners. They reported her to be normal, only a little older-looking than other girls of her age. After one month, on December 1957 she gave birth to a baby girl. Her 22 year old cousin was arrested, accused of rape. Dr Rolando Colareta who examined her gave reasoning saying “the rape of minors is nothing so unusual here or anywhere else. But of course rape does not mean pregnancy in children so young, except in rare cases”.

(age 9, Phetchabun.Thailand)
Not that long ago in the month of February 2001 Wanwisa Janmuk became youngest Asian mother. World’s forth youngest mother was married to a 26 year old man; by the time of birth mother and father were nine and twenty seven year old respectively.

(age 9, Singapore)
After Thailand, Singapore was second Asian country where a nine year old girl gave birth to a baby. She was student of primary school, had an affair with 14 year old student. Both were alone at home in the absence of their parents and she ended up getting pregnant.



Anonymous said...

oh dear lord this is dreadful and how could those poor babies give birth and why would they let them awww. I am so so sorry that this has happened and horrified too. Dear god how dreadful aw

Anonymous said...

As said in the article, "rape of minors is nothing so unusual here or anyplace else". Unfortunately, these poor babies were left to carry their own babies to give birth at such a young age.

This is a crime against these minors. Child sexual abuse and rape is going on in your neighborhood right now. Maybe in your own house.

We, internationally, need to address this reality, worldwide, so we can start to change this silently accepted and life destroying practice.

It is sad, but has been going on throughout time in all civilizations and all societies. We have to start accepting the truths about this issue as well as start to have real consequences for the actions of the males who are wreaking this devastation upon our children.

You know who you are! Shame on those who prey upon others, especially children.

Anonymous said...

My mother was raped from the age of 2-4 by her two oldest brothers who were 12 and 13 at the time. They did this to all their younger siblings. Seven were younger than the oldest two. This was in Small town, Pennsylvania in the 1930's and 40's. This is not uncommon and seems to be overlooked as a major problem everyplace on the Earth. Can we do something about this soon, please.

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